Saturday, April 29, 2017


Slowgun (CAN) - Wish I Was (1996)

1. Alien (Wish I Was) (4:51)
2. Static (3:02)
3. Mosquito (6:50)
4. Connect 4 (2:48)
5. Subconscious Beach-Box Relaxation Device (3:02)
6.  Freeze Frame (3:43)
7. Squint (5:47)
8.  Pitbull (1:36)
9. Cancer (5:50)
10. Silver Surface (2:32)

40 minutes 1 second


Label:Skull Geek – SKSK003, Mum 'N Dad Records – MDR003
Format:CD, Album
Style:Indie Rock

Recorded At – Classic Studios
Mixed At – Umbrella Sound
Published By – Socan

Bass, Vocals, Keyboards – Ned Schwartz
Guitar, Vocals, Organ, Other [Boom Box] – Alex Liu
Guitar, Vocals, Violin – Liz Hysen
Drums – David Agsterib

I got this disc between 5 to 10 years ago, and forgot about it.
Just have the disc with front fold out cover, with no song titles!
Took quite awhile to internet search to find exactly what they are called and paste them into the CD ripper.
Nothing too special, just underground 1980s/early 1990s pop, ala Husker Du or something, maybe.
Decent, but I only like a few songs.
it's here in case anybody was searching to listen to the entire thing.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

SAVAGE MASTER (US) - [2014] Mask of the Devil

now on tour
Savage Master
Fall Tour 2015

5 Louisville, Kentucky
6 Atlanta, Georgia
7 Richmond, Virginia
8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
9 Brooklyn, New York
10 Worcester, Massachusetts
12 Wings of Metal Festival - Montreal
13 Toronto, Ontario
14 Hamtramck, Michigan

17 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18 Hyattsville, Maryland
19 Worcester, Massachusetts
8 Des Moines, Iowa
10 Denver, Colorado
13 Seattle, Washington
14 Vancouver, B.C.
15 Portland, Oregon
16 San Francisco, California
17 Ventura, California
21 San Antonio, Texas
22 Austin, Texas
23 Houston, Texas
24 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Christian Mistress, High Spiritis, Savage Master
Coalition 282 Augusta, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1S5
Sep 13, 2015 9:00 PM

282 Augusta, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1S5

SAVAGE MASTER (US) 2014 Mask of the Devil LP
A1     Blood On The Rose    
A2     The Mystifing Oracle    
A3     Mask Of The Devil    
A4     The Ripper In Black    
B1     Kill Without Warning    
B2     Marry The Wolf    
B3     Altar Of Lust    
B4     Death Rides The Highway
Brandon Brown     Bass

Eric McManus -Drums
Larry Myers -Guitars
Adam Neal -Guitars [also from The Hookers]
Stacey Peak -Vocals

@320Thanks to the original uploader.Samaritianin
Official merchandise

recently released-

Sign Of The Jackal

female, heavy metal, women

Sign Of The Jackal (Ita) 2010 Haunted House Tapes Demo 7''single @192…vinyl rip
10 minutes 39 seconds

1. Intro Sign Of The Jackal (1:05)
2. Sign Of The Jackal (4:25)
3. Intro Fight For Rock (1:32)
4.Fight For Rock (3:37)

The heavy metal band's demo pressed as a limited edition 7" single. (210 copies?)
Came with a patch and small poster.

If you like the early 1980s fast heavy metal Belgium band, ACID, who sounded like this with a female singer.
if you liked German heavy metal band WARLOCK's 1983-1984 output, with the blonde who later went solo, Doro Pesch.

Sign Of The Jackal (Ita) 2011 The Beyond [ep]
Thanks to the original uploader.
20 minutes 23 seconds
1. Hellhounds (4:01)
2. Head Over Heels (3:39)
3. Heavy Metal Demons (3:49)
4. Paganini Horror (4:32)
5. Night of the Undead (4:22)

Sign Of The Jackal (Ita) 2013 Mark of the Beast LP  …vinyl rip
Label: High Roller Records

ripped by canadaspaceman

2 MP3'S, one FOR EACH side

-  2 MP3'S @ 320

44 minutes 43 seconds

1. SIGN OF THE JACKAL LP Side A (21:27)
2. SIGN OF THE JACKAL LP Side B (23:16)

1. Voodoo (Intro)
2. Heavy Metal Possession H.M. Possession    
3. The Gates    
4. Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi    
5. Night of the Undead
6. Sign Of The Jackal

7. Paganini Horror
8. Hellhounds
9. Fight For Rock    
10.(Heavy Metal) Demons
11. Queens of Hell    
12. The Beyond


I mentioned these guys before

Rare Texas heavy metal that not many have heard, unless they were actually there back the day,

1.Rock N' Roller Masses
2.The Harder The Better
3.Leather Babies
4.Lady On The Hill
5.Master Of The Darkness
6.Shadows Of My Sounds
7.On The Road
8.She's A Rocker

The recording sound quality is kind of poor, but these ki nd of things happen when the only surviving copies were made a long time ago.

If you are curious, ere is a very low bitrate to give you an idea/
If you like the songs, then buy the vinyl or digital files.
Otherwise Texas Metal Underground can't afford to release additional rare recordings.

This reminds me of something.
You know, supposedly only 500 copies of the HEAVEN'S FORCE digipack on Open Grave Records were pressed and there are sealed copies still for sale out there!
Many so-called metal experts claim to love the band.
Now I fully understand why some bands and their friends will freak out when mp3's of entire releases are shared.
Because the demos were shared a year or two earlier, then a lot of the downloaders didn't want to buy it.
Yes, pretty clear case of how different the the current generation of mp3 metalheads is to the old one of tape traders
They have different morals.
OF course, back then there were also plenty of guys who only taped albums and never bought them,
but they were the ones who usually buy tickets and would go to every single concert every week. so , they still did support the scene.

That was the ONLY product for the band (HEAVEN'S FORCE), (unless there were new t-shirts made by Dave Gryder I don't know about?)

Ok, enough of that rant.

I'm also guilty of getting mp3'ed albums, but eventually will buy a t shirt / tape / LP/ cd / DVD from the band or record label  if  I really like them (if the price is not outrageous that is...
There is one Irish chick playing pop / piano rock  I  like a lot,  but she wants $20 + shipping,  for a 3 song CD... come on.. really?)

There are short song samples to listen to at

1 mp3 for each LP side
2 MP3'S @ 96 kbps

vinyl ripped by Canadaspaceman

Paul Revere

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Greatest Hits (Quad Reel to DVDA-V).iso

1.02 GB

I used Nero to burn this straight to a DVD-R, and the videos look ./ sound good.
Have to still configure my speakers to 5.1, but doubt I can with my current computer.

Thanks to the original uploader at

Here is a great rarity. These are test quad mixes for some of Paul Rever & The Raiders Greatest Hits. Never commercially released. From a quad reel.


This disc will play in any DVDA or DVD player. For best results burn the iso using ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter.

garage rock, psych, rock n roll


Godsmack 2008 Good Times, Bad Times... Ten Years Of Godsmack

1 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds

1. Good Times, Bad Times (2:58) LED ZEPPELIN cover
2. Whatever (3:26)
3. Keep Away (4:50)
4. VooDoo (4:40)
5. Bad Religion (3:13)
6. Awake (5:05)
7. Greed (3:28)
8. I Stand Alone (4:03) from THE SCORPION KING movie.
9. Straight Out Of Line (4:21)
10. Serenity (4:34)
11. Realign (4:20)
12. Running Blind (3:55)
13. Touche (3:37)
14. Speak (3:56)
15. Shine Down (4:52)
16. The Enemy (4:08)

GODSMACK were called a "nu-metal" band at one time.

Maybe there were similarities at the start of their career.

To me, they are a hard rock, heavy metal band.
I never bought their albums as their video songs were ok, but usually not my thing. Not enough to "wow" me.
That was until I heard the song "Speak". .. well, I had bought too many albums in the past where only the video or radio hit song was good and the rest was crap, so did not take a chance with my money.

Grabbed this compilation from the public library or maybe a torrent. I am still on the fence. I like some songs, and the rest are just there, like typical radio tunes. Not threatening, not that exciting, not totally boring.

Maybe if I was born in the 1980s or 90s and this was one of my first heavy bands to listen to, it would have been a different story?


FINAL CONFLICT-1985 DEMO  ‎– Nineteen Eighty-Five Demo‎ LP ……vinyl rip

ripped by canadaspaceman

25 minutes 53 seconds

SIDE A (14:35)
SIDEB (11:18)

1 mp3 for each album side
2 MP3'S @ 320

Style:Punk, Hardcore

side A
Apocalypse Now    
One Answer    
Guns Forever    
Self Pity    
Death Is Certain    
What Kind Of Future    
Private War    
side B
Political Glory    
More Beer    
Self-Righteous Pigs    
You Never Were    
Central America

Similar to Attitude Adjustment's "American Paranoia" LP with its hardcore / crossover sound.
Well, singer sure sounds like Andy Andersen to me!

Power Hour Karaoke from MuchMoreMusic

 Release: Power Hour Karaoke from MuchMoreMusic (2004)
Genre:   Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate:  EAC 320 (320 kbps)
4shared download link
ripped from CD, scans included.
1 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds
1. We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister (4:02)
2. Come on Feel The Noise- Quiet Riot (4:34)
3. Looks That Kill- Motley Crue (4:19)
4. Is This Love- Whitesnake (4:58)
5. Schools Out- Alice Cooper (3:40)
6. Smoke On The Water- Deep Purple (6:00)
7. Rock And Roll All Night- KISS (4:07)
8. Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard (4:46)

9. We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister (Vocals) (4:02)
10. Come on Feel The Noise- Quiet Riot (Vocals) (4:35)
11. Looks That Kill- Motley Crue (vocals) (4:19)
12. Is This Love- Whitesnake (vocals) (4:58)
13. Schools Out- Alice Cooper (vocals) (3:40)
14. Smoke On The Water- Deep Purple (vocals) (6:00)
15. Rock And Roll All Night- KISS (vocals) (4:07)
16. Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard (vocals) (4:45)
I tried this on my DVD player, and on my computer with different media players, but no lyrics appear onscreen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hellion (US) - Live and Well in Hell (1984)[Live album] (1998)

For fans of traditional heavy metal, (eg. early Lee Aaron), as singer Ann Boleyn was similar to Ronnie James Dio.

Release: Live and Well in Hell, Riverside, CA (1984-03-30)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Bitrate: 256
out of print CD
40 minutes 23 seconds
01 Break the spell (5:00)
02 Don't waste your love on me (4:14)
03 Backstabber (4:22)
04 Run for your life (4:19)
05 Up from the depths (6:08)
06 Don't take no ( for an answer) (5:16)
07 Fire (5:39)
08 Driving hard (5:25)

 Here's an idea what it's like. Doubt this video is from the same concert, but  the quality is similar.

Speedica (Nld)

Artist: Speedica
Release: Voyage into the Fifth Dimension [Demo] (1989)
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Bitrate: 224
21 minutes 9 seconds
1. Torture (5:27)
2. Haunted House (6:20)
3. Expulsion Of Evil (4:16)
4. Souls Of Despair (5:06)

Artist: Speedica
Release: Live (1998)
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Bitrate: 320
1 hour 8 minutes 47 seconds
1. Hammerhead (Flotsam & Jetsam Cover) (5:16)
2. Redation Wasteland (6:02)
3. Haunted House (6:19)
4. Souls Of Despair (5:35)
5. Lady Obsession (6:16)
6. Fuckin' For Pleasure (7:18)
7. Mind Liberty (4:05)
8. Expulsion Of Evil (5:57)
9. Torture (5:43)
10. Voracious Souls (Death Angel Cover) (6:19)
11. Laws Of Metal (8:08)
12. Pot Bier (1:49)

also have the Shadows of Tomorrow demo, but the band now sells it on CD