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Alice Cooper 1969 Toronto

psych, rock, rock n roll
Alice Cooper - 1969 Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival Festival
24 minutes 41 seconds
1. Ain't That Just Like A Woman (2:36)
2. Painting A Picture (2:09)
3. An Instrumental (2:31)
4. I've Written Home to Mother (1:22)
5. Freak Out Song (3:50)
6. Goin' to The River (2:09)
7. Nobody Likes Me (3:18)
8. Science Fiction (6:46)(aka Fields of Regret)

I didn't include any album covers/photos in the DL as there are many different versions you can choose from if you search.
This un-authorized live album has been re-released so many times, it ain't funny.
I have some of the video footage too from this set, including where the chicken was killed by the audience members.
Once I find it, will upload that too.
The songs here are psychedelic, from the first 2 albums in the late 1960s, and songs that were demos or earlier versions than what appeared on vinyl.

Supposedly the two Elvis-type/rockabilly-type songs - "Ain't That Just Like A Woman" and "Goin' to The River" are by Ronnie Hawkins, but it sounds so close to Alice's voice, I am not sure who to believe.

Where did the 2 songs come from and why were they added to this album/bootleg..

 info updated

Alice Cooper ‎– Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1969, Volume IV
Style:Classic Rock
The recording made at the Toronto Rock N Roll Revival in 1969 may be the most widely reproduced Alice Cooper live recording. It has been released by many different labels under many titles and many album covers. These releases are not authorized Alice Cooper albums. However, they are not bootlegs as the recording is owned by a private party. Unfortunately, the private party was so uncaring in the production of these releases that two of the songs ("Ain't That Just Like a Woman" and "Goin' to the River") are NOT Alice Cooper at all (the actual performer is Ronnie Hawkins and they were recorded Hallmark Studios in Toronto in late 1964). Also, almost all of the song titles on the album were fabricated by the private party. The actual titles (shown here in parentheses) are mostly live versions of songs from "Pretties For You".

Painting A Picture (No Longer Umpire)
An Instrumental (part of "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye")
I`ve Written Home To Mother (part of "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye")
Freak Out Song ('Don't Blow Your Mind' with different lyrics)
Nobody Likes Me (aka Freak Out)
Science Fiction (Fields Of Regret)

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