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Thursday, October 9, 2014

For the 30th anniversary Excruciation releases their earliest work on MC's.
Only songs written from '84 to '86.
Limited to 30 copies each at 3 €/$.

Or as free downloads on:

"The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider".
Recorded 1985, never released officially.
Early Death/Doom/Thrash.

"Total Assault"
Containing both "First Assault"-demos from 1985/1986.
Raw and lo-fi Hellhammer worship.

"Last Judgement"
Previously released by Chainsaw Murder Records, 1987.
Early Punk-infected Thrash/Death.

Those releases were not included on the "Anno Domini...." anthology released by Turbo/JL America 1991.

Excruciation - Last Judgement / Last Assault DLP free download

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