Monday, October 16, 2017

Pat Boone - In A Metal Mood

comedy, pop singer, easy listening, jazz, and you obviously have heard him sing 'Crazy Train", it was the theme song for The Osbournes TV show.


Pat Boone (US) (1997) In A Metal Mood - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Style:Easy Listening
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53 minutes 8 seconds
1. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (4:19)(Judas Priest)
2. Smoke On The Water (3:53)(Deep Purple)
3. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (4:37)(AC/DC)
4. Panama (5:15)(Van Halen)
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy (3:06)(Alice Cooper)
6. Love Hurts (4:57)(Nazareth)
7. Enter Sandman (3:53)(Metallica)
8. Holy Diver (4:44)(Dio)
9. Paradise City (4:41)(Guns N' Roses)
10. The Wind Cries Mary (4:12)(Jimi Hendrix)
11. Crazy Train (4:32)(Ozzy Osbourne)
12. Stairway To Heaven (4:59)(Led Zeppelin)

Many metalheads hate this album!
Pat Boone, aka "Mr.Goody Two Shoes", pokes a little fun, and sounds like a Las Vegas lounge lizard like Tom Jones with a brass section playing well-known covers of hard rock and metal songs.

(I like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra too, AND Pat Boone, so... so there! Nyah !)

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