Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sons of Liberty (US) 2011 Spirit of the Times EP

Heavy Metal / Oldschool (1980s-type) Power Metal


Sons of Liberty is a highly political side project Jon Schaffer formed in 2009.
Sons of Liberty's debut album, Brush-fires of the Mind, was released in December 2009 as a free download on the band's website (the album was later made available on CD and vinyl as well).
Schaffer sang, played guitar and programmed the drums, but the album also featured a number of guests, including Jim Morris, Ruben Drake, Troy Seele, Howard Helm and Jeff Brandt.
During the supporting tour, Jon Schaffer was backed up by Seele, Freddie Vidales and Brent Smedley.

In December 2011, Sons of Liberty released the EP Spirit of the Times.
Once again, the album featured Schaffer singing, playing guitar and programming the drums, as well as Jim Morris and Ruben Drake

Sons of Liberty (US) 2011 Spirit of the Times EP
1. Alive     04:45
2. Full Spectrum Dominance 04:13
3. Molon Labe     05:19
4. Mind Control     03:56
5. Spirit of the Times     05:10    
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