Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tank (UK) - Tank (1987) LP

Tank (UK) - Tank (1987)  LP

[NWOBHM, Heavy Metal][Lossless]
London, England

RR 9563 1
GWR Records
12" vinyl LP (33 RPM)
Bass, Keyboards, Vocals – Algy Ward
Drums, Vocals – Gary Taylor
Guitar, Vocals – Cliff Evans, Mick Tucker

Producer – Tank
42 minutes 17 seconds

Side A
1.Reign of Thunder (6:56)
2.March on, Sons of Nippon (3:57)
3.With Your Life (6:09)
4.None but the Brave (6:22)
Side B
5.The Enemy Below (4:33)
6.Lost (4:39)
7.(The Hell They Must) Suffer (4:28)
8.It Fell from the Sky (5:13)

vinyl rip by canadaspaceman

This album is much, much more relaxed than the first few albums. I wasn't sure about it at first when I bought it back in the 1980s or early 1990s.
After repeated plays, I enjoyed it, though this is a mature album, I think that TANK maybe wrote to win over rock critics?

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