Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tension (USA)

TENSION (usa) - 1985 demo#2

15 minutes 9 seconds

1. Wrecking Crew (4:57)
2. Reach For Your Sword (5:46)
3. Metal Paranoia (4:26)
Thanks to the original uploader (probably Strad from Impaler).

Tom Gattis - vocals, guitars
Tim O'Connor - bass
Billy Giddings - drums
Timmy Meadows - guitars (brother of guitarist Punky Meadows, from the mid-late 1970s glam/prog/pomp rock group, ANGEL )

here's a live track, couldn't find a demo track on YouTube
Originally known as DEUCE, this fast heavy metal/semi-speed metal band will appeal to fans of faster Iron Maiden songs (with Bruce singing) or  if you want a not-quite-thrash metal (yet just as fast) version of early Agent Steel ?

these songs later appeared on their "Breaking Point" album (1986) which was reissued on the "Epitaph" 1997 CD and still available, (or maybe I bought a repress?..anyways...)
the CD sounds great and they compiled the 1986 LP, with bonus tracks -   (the unreleased "Epitome" EP (1987), with live tracks from the Paragon" (11/29/87) off the soundboard).
Highly recommended.
Write to them as they are very cool and have sold their CD + t-shirt for reasonably low prices!

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