Sunday, October 15, 2017

Terry Reid (the singer that refusesd to join the New Yardbirds / Led Zeppelin!)

Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page became interested in Reid's work, and when The Yardbirds disbanded, Page wanted Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his proposed new group, the New Yardbirds, which was to become Led Zeppelin. Reid had already committed to go on the road with Cream (as an opening act on the 1968 US Tour). So he suggested to Page that he consider a young Birmingham based singer, Robert Plant, instead, having previously seen Plant's Band of Joy as a support act at one of his concerts. Reid later was offered a position as a member of Deep Purple when they decided to replace singer Rod Evans, but once again, he declined due to contractual agreements. Ian Gillan was given the position instead.

Terry Reid  - Just a Rock'n'Roller (compilation)
1 hour 18 minutes 5 seconds
1. The Hand Don't Fit In The Glove (Single A Side) (2:56)
2. Better By Far (3:30)
3. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Do (4:17)
4. Season Of The Witch (10:11)
5. Loving Time (3:42)
6. Marking Time (3:47)
7. Highway 61 Revisited (4:27)
8. Dean (4:45)
9. Dream (5:20)
10. Ooh Baby (3:57)
11. The Way You Walk (4:43)
12. The Frame (4:37)
13. Fooling You (7:21)
14. Stop And Think It Over (3:40)
15. Believe In Magic (6:32)
16. Gimme Some Lovin' (4:20)

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