Sunday, October 15, 2017

Twisted Sister (US) - Live At The Marquee (1983)(vinyl rips from singles)[FLAC]

 Twisted Sister (USA) - Live At The Marquee (1983)(vinyl rips from singles)[Lossless]
-I think Rhino Records or somebody has released the ENTIRE concert finally after all these years.
Well, if you got no dough right now, here are the old B-sides that made up a big chunk of that concert.
It is missing stuff, so you will still have to buy the CD, plus the disc will probably have pics/info that isn't here.

Twisted Sister
1983-03-05&6 Live At The Marquee (from 7'',& 12''singles)
Heavy Metal / Power Metal
vinyl rips
Thanks to  the original ripper / uploader, who was at Hear Rock City blog, now moved to
46 minutes 4 seconds
01 - What You Don`t Know (4:46)
02 - Tear It Loose (3:19)
03 - Destroyer (4:24)
04 - Run For Your Life (4:20)
05 - Bad Boys Of Rock n Roll (4:00)
06 - Shoot em Down (3:33)
07 - Sin After Sin (3:21)
08 - Let The Good Times Roll- Feel So Fine (4:15)
09 - It`s Only Rock n Roll (11:07)
10 - The Kids Are Back (2:59)

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