Friday, November 17, 2017

Crucial Youth

funny, straight-edge hardcore
Crucial Youth - Live WPRB jan. 7th 1987
01-the posi machine
02-me and Mr T
03-i drink milk
04-suburban streetwise
05-put litter in its place
06-up with people
07-crucial youth
08-four rules (reprise)
11-shave clean
12-those who curse
13-cross at the green not in between
14-the posi machine
15-just say no + Mr. T.
16-four food groups
17-turn the other cheek
18-wake up and lift
19-just one beer.
20-the world is like a bowling ball
21-put litter in its place
22-positive dental outlook
23-suburban streetwise
24-be kind rewind!
25-the four rules
26-youth of the world
28-mosh mosh!
29-crucial youth
30-keep of the grass

Crucial Youth 1988 Crucial Yule 7''
01 Christmastime For The Skins (parody of Agnostic Front's  ''Crucified''?)
02 Santa Claus Is Coming (And You're On His List
03 I'm Straight

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