Monday, November 13, 2017

HAZE (Can) - Refuge [Pre-Release] (2002)

The singer has a great voice and reminds me of Jinx Dawson of COVEN.
Maybe I will soon post their great release, Book Of Shadows (1993), which they labelled as Wiccan Rock, but you might as well call it occult rock just like classic COVEN.

In the meantime I grabbed these following mp3's off the CBC radio website.
Good 1970s-type soft rock. Much, much softer than the "Book Of Shadows" album, but still great songs and singing.

HAZE (Canada) - Refuge Pre-Release (released January, 2002)
27 minutes 14 seconds

1. Heaven for Ten Days (3:38)
2. Love Without Measure (3:33)
3. Picture of You (3:34)
4. Refuge (4:32)
5. River's Catch (3:55)
6. Second Time Around (3:52)
7. Show Me Your Art (4:10)

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