Thursday, November 2, 2017

Slayer - Seeds Of Horror The Jeff Hanneman Demos

I mentioned this bootleg before and where to get it -

Slayer 1985 Seeds Of Horror The Jeff Hanneman Demos (2013 release)

01 – Angel Of Death
02 – Seeds Of Horror
03 – Raining Blood
04 – South Of Heaven
05 – Spill The Blood
06 – untitled (213)
07 – untitled
08 – untitled
09 – Living Just To Die
10 – DDAMM
11 – Abretions Asshole
12 – Can’t Stand You

Had one hard drive on today, and seen this...
didn't bother to check my other drive if it had my vinyl ripped to WAV files.

I was listening to this, and guess it is a CD rip from that other site, but still, they are demo tape recordings, so still sound kind shitty compared to the albums...
only for die hard fans.
I am diggin' the instrumental version of Raining Blood, and the hardcore punk tunes.

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