Friday, December 1, 2017

Mallet-Head (US) - Mallet-Head (1988)

Artist: Mallet-Head 
Release: Mallet-Head (1988)
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Country: USA,  Boston, Massachusetts
Bitrate: 192 kbps
for fans of The Cult, AC/DC, Straw Dogs, or Danzig if he played faster rock

Thanks to the original uploader
Glen Stilphen - Bass [ex-Gang Green]
Chuck Stilphen - Guitars [ex-Gang Green]
Morgan Keating - Vocals
Tom McKnight - Drums
A1 Spoonfed (3:38)
A2 Killer Pussy (3:35)
A3 Tear Down The Walls (2:09)
A4 Don't Lock Me In     (1:38)
A5 It Was A Blasphemy, Was It A Blast For You? (0:47)
A6 We've Been Had (2:42)
B1 Fight (2:26)
B2 Die For My Soul (2:56)
B3 Duel (5:46)
B4 Blinders On (1:21)
B5 Sic My Duc (0:37)
B6 You And I Know (3:09)

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